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I agree with the reasoning for installing KB -the Servicing Stack Update - first and rebooting. There are a huge number of files in both patches, a lot of them common to both. But, lacking clear instructions, who knows for sure. It would be interesting to hear from a group A user who installed KB and the March monthly rollup from Windows Update the installation sequence picked by WU.

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The crowded bar emits a golden light from below to showcase its premium spirits, and the ambient dining room is filled with locals from this thriving community. Attention to detail is clear from the steaming-hot towel for cleaning your hands to the carefully folded injera used for scooping up their chopped salads, chunky stews and saucy vegetables.

Matlab optical flow

Optical flow is the distribution of the apparent velocities of objects in an image. By estimating optical flow between video frames, you can measure the velocities of objects in the video. In general, moving objects that are closer to the camera will display more apparent motion than distant objects that are moving at the same speed.

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